North Forty - Photos


Welcome to our photo scrapbook. As you can see we enjoy performing and playing at a variety of different types of events. Check back often. We'll add new pictures to the book. 


Playing for a 50th birthday party, September 2009


Playing at Willow Creek Country Club, Summer 2009


March of Dimes Fundraiser, Spring 2009 (it was definitely a cold day to play)


American Lung Association, Tackle the Tower, 24th floor of the Wells Fargo Building, downtown Salt Lake City, Utah (as seen on KUTV television)


Valentine, 50's Dance, February 14, 2006                                                                                   



North Forty Band: Bryan Chapman, Margie Mettenet, John Bennett, Terry Chisholm, Stacie Haddock, Brian Rueckert, and Scott Cowan

Here we are playing for the Juvenile Diabetes 5K Walk at Wheeler Farm (Salt Lake City, UT). We set up on the back of a flat bed semi-truck. We entertained the participants before and after the run, as a co-sponsor of the event.



Playing for the Mayan Restaurant, near the entrance to the Jordan Commons Theaters in Sandy, UT. It was a warm summer night. The audience danced until well after dark.



Bryan Chapman and his band

Members of the North Forty Band. Sorry about the fuzzy shot. It was one of those cheap, disposable cameras (the flash didn't work so well). Notice the "happening" flame shirts. We don't always wear matching clothes, but can be coaxed to wear the flame shirts for the right types of events. Just ask!



Wedding Reception, March 2005. Notice the Bose sound system. No bulky speakers, just a series of 3.5" wide poles that are positioned right behind us. No monitors, almost no feedback (very unobtrusive). Click here for more information on our sound system.


Wedding Reception, "The Old Meeting House" on Highland Drive, Bride and Groom Dance, May 2005


Fund Raiser for the Special Olympics hosted by Salt Lake County Sheriff Department and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. April, 2005


British Petroleum Corporate Christmas Party, December 2005 (Elks Club, Evanston Wyoming)


Boart Longyear Company Christmas Party, December 2005 at Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah


Margie and Stacy (from North Forty Band) lead the audience in line dancing to Boot Scootin' Boogie


Church Youth Dance


Valentine's Dance. There are those shirts again!


John Bennett - drummer extraordinaire 
Terry, Brian and Scott get funky.  
Margie's Signature Song - "I Will Survive
Rick plays some "Unforgettable" sax solos 
Live Coverage of North Forty Band at American Lung Association Even - KUTV 
Grizzbee, from the Utah Grizzlies sitting in on keyboard.  


Chuck and Margie take on the kids in the Special Olympics Hula Hoop challenge 


The mellow sound of Brian R. 
Jeff Kocherhans sitting in on bass  
"Trash" (Troy Ashment), guest drummer  
Chuck's moves are even too fast for a camera to capture!
Elvis has left the building



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