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The North Forty Band is more than just a music group. We are a group of friends that share the joy of playing music as a way to take a small break from the pressures of day-to-day life. By day, our band members include entrepreneurs, business owners, full-time moms, grandparents, traveling salesmen, an accountant, engineer, internet consultant, etc., who--when not practicing or performing with the band--lead hectic, fast-paced lives. We started the band with a core group that literally lived within a half mile radius of each other in Sandy, Utah (amazing that so much talent can live in one small neighborhood). The group began in 1998, at first playing for church functions and friend's weddings. Requests to play became more frequent, new faces joined in, and the band literally took on a life of its own.


As a group, we are constantly trying new types of music, adding timeless classics that appeal to all generations, regardless of whether they were on the charts last week, or 30 years ago.  


Meet the Band!

Margie Mettenet (Lead Vocals). Some people, when they hit forty go through a "midlife crisis" and buy a motorcycle or something---I joined a rock band!  My teenagers think I'm weird, but "whatever."  I am the mother of five and the grandmother of two.  I sang in my first band when I was in high school in Southern California, but since then have been in two other bands and sing in the church choir.  I love Disco, Motown, R&B, Country, Rock, Top 40; well you name it, I love to sing it!  I love singing with the North Forty Band, we all love to perform and we are all good friends--it's great to be over 40 now!

Bryan Chapman - keyboard player

Bryan Chapman (Keyboard, Vocals). When I was kid, my piano teacher told me I'd never be able to play well because I wasn't getting the hang of reading complex music. That didn't stop me from building a recording studio in my house (in Junior High), playing the bass guitar in a jazz band, playing mandolin in a bluegrass band, teaching myself the guitar, playing bassoon in the Provo High School Orchestra, singing in numerous choirs, putting together a "mission band" for the Zurich Switzerland Mission, and "Yes" even playing keyboard professionally for over 20 years; creating my own version of "chord theory." I grew up in Utah Valley playing for such groups as Aystar, Paradox, Arlington Heights and FreeFall. My musical influences include: Dan Fogelberg; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Kenny Loggins; and of course, Billy Joel and Elton John.

Jeff Kocherhans (Bass, Vocals). Bio coming soon.

John Bennett (Drums). My father was a drummer who played for many bands in the Salt Lake area during the big band era. Following his example, I started playing when I was 10 and finally got to be good enough to sub for my Dad occasionally in one of his bands. High school and college provided a great outlet for playing in numerous groups including playing with orchestras at the Lincoln Center in Washington and the Hollywood Bowl. I have also played with various rock bands, including Evergreen, over the years as well as many pit orchestras for musicals. Other than my dad, my favorite drummer is Buddy Rich, although I enjoy listening to anyone who plays well. North Forty is a great band and most importantly, we have fun playing.

Scott Cowan (Lead Guitar). By Day, Director of Sales for a local Technology Company and by Night......Lead Guitar-Man. I started taking guitar lessons when I was about 10 years old from a teacher who wanted to teach me folk music from the 60's and 70's using groups like CSNY, Don Mclean, Paul Simon, Janis Joplin etc. My desires however, were more inclined to include music by Hendrix, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, CCR, The Beatles and even the Beach Boys etc. Needless to say my lessons stopped and I started playing by ear with my Acoustic guitar plugged into a stereo for amplification.

I picked up a used Magnatone Tornado electric guitar and a Peavey Pacer Amp in 1972 and played it until 1986 when I bought my dream guitar, a 1962 American Re-issue Fender Strat, which I still love and play in the Band. I Like any song that is fast and has rhythm and love the oldies that North Forty plays. 

Brian Rueckert (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals). Growing up, I listened mostly to rock bands such as Journey, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Def Leppard and Rush. However, Iíve always loved the sound of an acoustic guitar. I learned to play my first chords in college but really didnít take it up seriously until 2 years ago which makes me the rookie of the band! I played the trumpet in the Elko High School band and recently taught myself to play the pianoÖ.sorta. Iím a father of 4 and a husband of 1!! My ďpayingĒ job is being a partner at Presidio Insurance Agency. Playing in North Forty is definitely a rush in addition to being a safe fix for a mid life crisis! Rock On!!

Rick Campagna (Sax). I have always enjoyed listening to music and became an expert at playing ďthe radioĒ. In sixth grade I had an opportunity to play a clarinet and started to learn to play a woodwind instrument.  In Jr. High I switched to the alto saxophone and played in the stage band for assemblies.  In High School I changed to tenor sax and played in the jazz band.  Iím a Civil Engineer by profession. (Yeah I really can be civil in almost any situation).  Iíve got a wonderful wife and five children.  I grew up listening to the sounds of Chicago, Elton John, Billy Joel, Grand Funk Railroad, and B. T. O.  My mid life crisis hasnít happened yetÖ. but that Harley Sportster is looking better each day.  Hooking up with North Forty has really been a blast.  Itís a great opportunity to play some awesome tunes pretend that Iím Kenny G, and hang out with people I really like.

We are one of only a small number of bands in the country to use an innovative new technology from Bose for our performances. 

Instead of using large, bulky speakers, we use a series of poles called the Bose Cylindrical (L1) -- shown on the left. The move to this new sound system has resulted in a smooth, acoustic sound to our music. Voices are crisp and easily heard in small or large venues. The speakers have a full, 180 degree, spread pattern, meaning that the sound has an excellent balance and mix, no dead spots or harsh sounds cause by directional speakers (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about). 

We have completely eliminated the need for on-stage monitors. What this means to you is that we hear the exact same sound as you do, because the speakers are literally behind us. If we are too loud, we hear it too and can correct the problem quickly. The Bose system allows us great range to control volume, for example, playing clean and clear background music at conversational volumes for a wedding reception.

The system virtually eliminates annoying feedback (that squeal that occurs when a microphone gets too close to the speaker). It still shows up on very rare occasions, but significantly less than when using a standard P.A. Feedback is one of those things that can quickly ruin a special event, whether it happens while the best man is making a toast or right in the middle of a great dance tune.

The concept of the Bose L1, is that the sound is the same, when right next to the pole, as it sounds when you walk 100 feet away. Instead of having large (15") speakers, the Bose is built with a series of very small speakers, placed along the pole. When you are standing close, you only hear a few of the speakers in play. When you are far away, you hear them all. O.K., so there is more to the physics of the system than what is described here. If you are technically inclined, you may want to read more about the system, click here to visit the Bose website.

Finally, you'll appreciate the decrease in stage clutter. There are only 4 poles on stage. No bulky speaker stands, monitors, chords running everywhere. This means that we can fit in a much tighter space than most bands (hopefully not too tight, please). The poles are about 6.5' tall and 3.5" in diameter. Very compact. Quick setups, very little time required for sound checks means we won't be setting while your guests arrive.

Just another example of our commitment to excellence in music performance, adding to the enjoyment of your event. To see how these "poles" look on stage, click here.

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